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Content Delivery

Third Party Integration

  • Open APIs for third party iOS and Android developers
  • Social network integration: Twitter, Facebook, and many others

Smart Content Delivery

  • Transaction information logged to keep user from needing to reenter information for follow-up transactions
  • Delivery of content may be controlled by time of day, day of week, user actionable event, and content aging

Web-based CM Portal

  • Browser based interface control of system
  • 24/7 Online access to all features, logic, and content
  • Account and user data visible and available for insight and analysis

Internal and External DB

  • Internal and external databases of content may be used concurrently
  • Local uploading of content may be synchronized with content DB

Unique Account Data

  • Content control and delivery managed by portal can be done independently for any user, number of users or groups
  • Multiple layers of content delivery and control based on privilege class

Dynamic Web Content

  • Integrated web browser in mobile application enables a mixture of local, synchronized, and dynamic web-served content in one experience
  • Ideal for integration of pre-existing mobile sites, content, and directories into application

Security and E-Commerce

PIN and other codes

  • Limit content access and use by invoking security PINs
  • Code access can utilize optical code reader
  • Perishable / dynamic codes

Location Awareness

  • Control location awareness with stateful-driven logic to address location spoofing
  • Use location as contextual data for enhanced security models

2-Step Verification

  • Telephone number or message-based user verification (2-step security) available
  • User activity logged and accessible for use in security analysis

Flexible In-App Commerce

  • 3rd-party integration for credit card processing without the need for PCI compliance
  • Multi-layer access and control
  • Real-time view of user activity, stats, and process logs
  • All updates take place instantly once a submit is made

Integrated Billing

  • Raw billing data information available for downstream processing
  • Integration with OptimalBillâ„¢ to create reports, billing, and invoicing
  • API available for other OSS/BSS Systems

Apps for Consumer Markets

Presence Awareness (Geofencing)

  • Location in Lat / Long
  • Read frequency control for efficient battery consumption
  • Location may be tied to Search and Discovery
  • Location Logic is highly controllable

Native Platform Messaging (Message deck)

  • Uses native messaging protocol for mobile platforms
  • Avoids SMS / MMS and other costly message protocols
  • Messages may be automated and driven by logic
  • Messages may deep-link to launch app or page within your app

Robust Search and Discovery

  • “AND” “OR” “EXCLUSIVE OR” logic to refine search parameters
  • Combine mobile search with UC logic to find a person, department, location, etc.
  • Support for Augmented Reality and other discovery techniques

Mobile Content Sync

  • Support for synchronization of local storage on mobile client
  • Location may be used to trigger visibility or access to content
  • Comprehensive media support: Video, Still images, Audio

2D & 3D Barcodes

  • Read and write 2D & 3D barcodes (QR codes) directly from your application
  • Integrated camera library interface can connect to business logic
  • Barcode data may be used to open specific page of app or browser
  • Enables link between your application and physical signs or labels

Integrated Web Browser

  • Dynamic web content capability reduces demand for native code
  • Seamlessly integrate your mobilized web content directly into the application experience
  • Enables online commerce and other 3rd-party functionality

White Label Application

  • Accelerate time to delivery with pre programmed processes
  • Useful for proof-of-concept deployments
  • Consultation available for custom application design and development